April 11, 2021

Having your application written: a good idea?

If you are looking for a job, you have to write applications. For many applicants, formulating an exciting cover letter and putting together an attractive résumé is among the most annoying tasks of all. Applications often take a long time – and there is no guarantee that the effort will pay off. Then an alternative is to have your own application written. But is that even allowed? What are the pros and cons? And how do you find a good application writer? Find out here.

Can one have an application written?

Is it even allowed to have an application written? Many applicants are unsure whether it is legally permissible to hire an application writer – and thus a ghostwriter. You don’t need to worry about that, however. If you are convinced that it can help you if you let someone else write your application, you can do that too.

Anyone who has an application written is not breaking the law. Even if it should be noticed that your application was not written by yourself, you face no legal consequences. However, it may not be well received by an employer, which is why your application must be authentic.

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The only danger that can arise from a legal point of view is if the third-party application contains errors. Untrue claims can have consequences under labor law. If you were hired in the first place based on the relevant information, you could face termination – even without notice and even after years. Sometimes the employer can even demand compensation from you in such a case.

Has the application written: How does it work?

If you want to have your application written, the first step is to look for a professional application writer. Get in touch with the ghostwriter and find out about the process, procedure, and modalities. You should also clarify how long the application writer needs for your application.

If it is clear that you want to hire a specific application writer, you still have to decide on a specific offer. Would you like to have your entire application written or are you only interested in individual components such as a cover letter, résumé, or letter of motivation? Application writers also offer unsolicited applications. You can also submit your own application documents there and have them checked. If you want to have your application written, you have to choose a design template from many providers.

So that the applicant can write your application, he needs your current résumé and other important information about you. It is common to be asked to answer a few questions about yourself, such as your motivation and goals. If the applicant knows nothing or too little about you, he cannot write an individual, convincing application for you.

Once you have all the information you need, the applicant will write your application. How long this takes depends on your arrangement. Usually, it only takes a few days. If you have to go particularly quickly, you can often book express processing. Usually, you have to pay for your application when booking the offer.

When your application is ready, you will receive it in a format that you can edit – for example Word. You should make sure that everything is correct and that you can find yourself in your application. If you have change requests, you can now communicate them – or simply make minor changes yourself. If this has not happened before, the fee for the writer is due now at the latest.

Why it can be worthwhile to have an application written

There are many arguments in favor of having your application written. One reason for this is obvious: you save time. You don’t have to research forever what makes a good introduction to a cover letter or how your résumé should be structured. And you don’t have to worry endlessly about how exactly to best phrase something. Others do that for you. This eliminates a tiresome task – you can concentrate fully on looking for interesting positions and sending your application.

Not only such practical aspects can be an argument for having your application written. Having a good job writer can greatly increase your chances of getting a job. Many applicants are rejected because their application documents do not meet the requirements. Missing documents as well as a loveless layout or awkward wording can result in rejection even though you are actually qualified for a position. A good application writer, on the other hand, can often describe your strengths and your unique selling proposition better than you. He can work a clear central theme into your application and ensure that everything is presented optimally and to the point.

If you have your own application written, you can also benefit from later applications. You can orientate yourself on the professional application – for example, regarding the structure, the structure, or certain formulations.

What disadvantages can there be in having your application written?

However, having an application written can also have disadvantages. For example, there is the money that you have to spend on it – with no guarantee that the applicant is actually doing his job well. Perhaps you could have written your application as well or even better yourself.

There is also the danger that you will notice the application that is not authentic. The risk arises above all if the ghostwriter uses text modules that do not sound particularly individual. A good application is also characterized by the fact that it conveys the applicant’s personality. This is sometimes difficult with a third-party application. In the worst case, the employer has already received other applications that were written by ghostwriters – and that were very similar to your application. While this is unlikely, it could be detrimental to your chances of finding the vacancy.

If you decide to hire a third party to write your application documents, you should make sure that you really get an individual application in the end. An application should always reflect your personality. This is the only way you can stand out from your competitors for the vacancy.

Finding a good job writer: Tips for applicants

Whether it makes sense to hire an application writer depends on the quality of their work. So don’t choose the first ghostwriter you find. Better get an overview of what a job applicant has to offer. How informative is the website? How transparently are not only services described but also the associated costs? A detailed, transparent, and professional website is an indication of a serious offer.

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Make sure that you can arrange a non-binding, possibly even free, initial consultation. This, too, is a feature that you can use to distinguish professional suppliers from black sheep. You should feel good about personal contact. Based on the speed and detail with which your questions are answered by email, you can assess whether you have found a good application writer. A dedicated job writer who wants to know a lot about you tends to be trustworthy.

The price for writing your application should neither be too expensive nor too cheap

The price for writing your application should be reasonable. Choosing only for the cheapest price does not make sense, because otherwise, you may have to compromise on quality. How much you have to pay depends on the scope of the offer you choose. Also, what job you are about can make a difference. Applications for management positions are often a little more expensive. For the whole application, you can expect around 150 dollars and upwards, individual components such as a cover letter or résumé are usually from around 50 dollars. Inquire about possible change requests. Are they included in the price?

When deciding on a ghostwriter, you should also pay attention to whether the provider has experience – in writing applications in general and ideally also with applications in the area in which you are looking for a job. He should also be up to date with the latest application trends.

The processing time is also a criterion. It shouldn’t take you weeks to get your application unless you have that much time. Last but not least, you can tell whether a provider is recommendable by the references he has from other customers. Lots of satisfied customers whose reviews sound real are a good sign.

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