April 11, 2021

Personalized clothing to strengthen your brand

A brand is not only the company that produces something or a business that sells something, but also the totality of values ​​, a message, so to speak, which is transmitted with it. She has certain ideas and a coherent identity – just like a human, and you can dress her just like that!

That’s why today we’re talking about personalized clothing: Articles such as T-shirts, polo shirts, headgear, and aprons that carry the logo of your company or business, or a graphic and thus show your corporate identity.

It doesn’t matter whether your company is a small or medium-sized company or a retail store, whether you are a team from freelancers or a start-up – personalized clothing could be a good idea to strengthen your brand. We’ll tell you why!

Personalized clothing as a marketing tool

Why do cars have their own logo? Why do you see logos on the front of sweatshirts from major brands? Let’s put it this way: In both cases, it is a “free advertising space” – why not use it?

The same applies to personalized corporate clothing: T-shirts, polo shirts and other items of clothing make your logo and brand visible to hundreds or even thousands of people every day.

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Customer loyalty through personalized clothing

Everyone likes to receive gifts, prizes, and free promotional items. Your customers would also be happy to receive a free T-shirt, especially if it is creative and original. If it is in line with the values ​​of your company and bears your logo, you have killed two birds with one stone!

If a customer likes a certain brand, they will also like to wear an item of clothing with the corresponding logo. At the same time, he is the first ambassador of your brand… and all thanks to a T-shirt.

Introducing the brand to the public

If your employees have customer contact, another pro for your company clothing with your logo is also the important factor of recognition.

If you have a delivery service or are a team that provides services in the city, your recognition value in public is extremely important. Anyone who wants to use your service will remember your company!

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5 reasons to add your logo to your corporate clothing

After a little theory, let’s move on to the practical part: The following are a few examples in which personalized clothing, which we noticed this year, was successfully used. Perhaps they will serve as inspiration for you to also introduce uniform t-shirts:

  1. At a trade fair: You have decided to invest significantly in a trade fair stand. You should make the most of your visibility in these few days – you can do this with personalized t-shirts that your entire team wears at the stand so that your brand is clearly visible and recognizable.
  2. In a shop: This would be the most obvious basic use for personalized clothing. If you own a retail business (from gastronomy to electronics stores), the uniform, personalized clothing of your employees will help you to be perceived by your customers as a reliable and recognizable brand.
  3. Self-employed at various locations in the city: If you work as a plumber, electrician, or courier or offer a repair service for PCs, you should have a T-shirt at your customers’ home wear with logo. This will position you more strongly in your area and look even more professional.
  4. Promote team cohesion: Personalized clothing for businesses is useful not only for external communication and marketing but also for strengthening togetherness. Are there particularly sporty teams in your company? Then you could nurture their passion by suggesting that they compete for the company at sporting events. This not only strengthens the team and cooperation among employees but also communicates externally and internally that you believe in the values ​​of this activity. And of course, you have to provide appropriate clothing for this.
  5. Make areas of responsibility recognizable: In large and high-turnover companies, it can be difficult to identify employees with certain functions, for example, those responsible for building security or technicians. It could be a good idea to equip them with personalized clothing so that they are immediately recognized in your company.
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