April 11, 2021

Termination template: this is how you write your termination correctly

You want to quit your job, but you are not sure how to write a notice correctly? Here you can find out how an employee’s notice of termination is structured, what information it must contain, and what to consider in the event of extraordinary termination. Termination templates and wording examples help you to formulate your own termination.

Write notice of termination: That is important

If you want to terminate your employment contract, you must always do so in writing. It is not enough to verbally tell your boss that you no longer want to work for him. E-mail is also no way to effectively terminate the employment contract.

You need to know what notice period you have to give notice of termination. This information can usually be found in the employment contract. If not, the statutory deadlines apply. The statutory notice period for employees is four weeks. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in your job – unlike when you are dismissed by employers. You can cancel at the end of the month or on the 15th of the month. For compliance with the notice period, however, it is not decisive when you write your notice of termination, but when it is with your employer. So plan an appropriate buffer in order not to risk that you cannot cancel at the desired time.

Proper termination of an existing contract

The letter of termination does not have to be a long text. It is important that you clearly state that you are quitting your job. Include the date on which you are giving notice of termination. These are the key requirements for your termination to be effective.

Do you have to give a reason for the cancellation?

You do not need to give a reason for the termination in an ordinary termination. If you want that, you can agree to it – or simply write that you are resigning for private reasons. You can also say thank you for the cooperation in your letter of termination and ask your employer to issue you a reference.

It is important to distinguish between a simple and a qualified job reference. Your employer is required to issue both if you ask him to. However, a simple job reference only contains the key data of your job, such as from when to when you worked where exactly. Only a qualified job reference contains an assessment of your performance and your social behavior. When you apply, you should always attach qualified certificates whenever possible. If you want to have a qualified job reference, you should explicitly ask for it in your letter of resignation.

For your termination to be effective, you must personally sign the letter of termination. The letter of termination must also be dated.

This is how a letter of termination from employees is constructed

A notice of termination from employees is basically structured like a business letter. This means that you should put your own address and that of the recipient at the top of the page. Usually, your contact details come first – for example in the top right corner. You can then arrange your employer’s contact details left-justified. Date your resignation and also include the place where you are.

A notice of termination from employees needs a clear subject. The word termination should appear in it – something like “termination of my employment contract” or “termination of the employment relationship”. The actual letter of termination begins with addressing your employer. “Dear Ms / Mr …” is the right choice as a polite, formal salutation. If you are using your employer’s name, you should still use the you-form for your letter of resignation.

In the first paragraph, you write what it is about you – to quit your job. It can sound like this, for example: “I hereby terminate my employment contract, closed on XX.XX.XXXX, in due time by XX.XX.XXXX”. Make sure to note the desired termination date. If you are unsure whether you can keep the notice period, you can add a phrase like this directly after the notice date: “[…], alternatively as soon as possible”. This will ensure that you do not have to write a new notice of termination if you have not met the desired notice period. You can also cancel from the outset at the “next possible point in time”.

Without a signature, the notice of termination is not effective

If you want, you can then explain why you want to leave the company. At least refer to private reasons, is especially recommended if you had a good relationship with your employer and would be fondly remembered. If you quit because you no longer feel like the bad working atmosphere or your boring tasks, you shouldn’t write that honestly. Remember that you still want a good job reference. If you offend the employer with your letter of resignation, this can have undesirable negative consequences.

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In the last paragraph, you can say thank you – for example for the instructive time or the good cooperation – and ask the employer to issue you with a qualified job reference. You can also ask the employer to confirm receipt of the notice of termination, stating the time of termination. This is followed by the greeting and your personal, handwritten signature.

Termination without notice: What you should consider in the event of an extraordinary termination as an employee

Under certain circumstances, as an employee, you may be entitled to give extraordinary notice without notice. This requires an important reason following Section 626 of the Civil Code and is conceivable in the event of serious breaches of duty by the employer. You may have to have given your employer a warning beforehand. Termination without notice can only be effective if you cannot be expected to continue the employment relationship until the end of the regular notice period. Therefore, you have to cancel within two weeks after you have learned of the reason for cancellation.

Termination without notice by an employee is conceivable, for example, if the employer repeatedly fails to pay the wages or has not paid them in full despite being requested to do so. Bullying, sexual harassment, insults, or incitement to criminal acts can also justify extraordinary termination by employees. The same applies if your employer commits criminal offenses or you are unable to continue your job for health reasons until the regular notice period has expired. In this case, you should be able to show a medical certificate. It is best to seek advice from a lawyer to ensure that termination without notice is an option in your case.

If you terminate your job extraordinarily, you must state the reason for this in the letter of resignation. You should be as specific as possible. If your employer insulted you, write down when they did and what was said. Otherwise, the same requirements apply to extraordinary termination as to ordinary termination.

Termination: Sample for employees

What does a notice of termination from employees look like? The following termination templates show you how you could formulate your own termination.

Letter of termination employee: Termination sample 1

[Employee contact details]

[Employer contact details]

[place, date]

Termination of my employment contract

Dear Mr. Müller,

I hereby terminate my employment contract, which we concluded on May XX, XXXX, by December XX, XXXX, alternatively as soon as possible.

I would like to thank you for the good cooperation and ask you to confirm the termination by stating the termination date. Please also provide me with a qualified job reference.

Kind regards

[employee’s handwritten signature]

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Letter of termination employee: Termination sample 2

[Employee contact details]

[Employer contact details]

[place, date]

Termination of employment, closed on July XX, XXXX

Dear Ms. Müller,

I hereby terminate my employment relationship, which has existed since July XX, XXXX, properly and in due time by November XX, XXXX.

I regret this step, which I have to take for private reasons, and thank you for the instructive time at your company. Please send me a short confirmation of my termination. I also ask you to issue me with a qualified job reference. Thank you in advance.

Kind regards

[employee’s handwritten signature]

Letter of termination employee: termination without notice, sample

[Employee contact details]

[Employer contact details]

[place, date]

Termination of the employment relationship without notice

Dear Ms. Müller,

I hereby terminate my employment contract, which I signed with you on January X, XXXX, extraordinarily and without notice as of October XX, XXXX. I feel compelled to take this step because, despite repeated requests from September X, XXXX and Have not transferred my salary on September XX, XXXX.

Please confirm the termination and provide me with a qualified job reference. I also ask you to pay off my remaining vacation days.

Kind regards

[employee’s handwritten signature]

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