April 11, 2021

Three good reasons to send a company newsletter

You can use it to tell stories, make suggestions, advertise special offers, and thus get your customers to buy a product and bind them closer to your company. Your newsletter must be well planned.

Today we give you three good reasons why this digital tool is a good choice for your company.

With company newsletters, you can acquire new customers

Before a potential customer decides to buy certain products and services – especially those that are more expensive – they get detailed information on your website and look for opinions and reviews on the Internet and interviewed others who are already familiar with this product or service.

The company newsletter is an excellent tool to communicate with potential customers in this phase and thus encourage them to buy.

If the user is already interested, they will probably have already given you their email address via your web portal and can therefore receive useful information through your company newsletter. In this case the most popular content stories about your products, but also narratives, which speak of the values ​​of your company, the world, in which you work, and tell about your style.

Company newsletters improve customer loyalty

The company newsletter is also ideally suited to retain existing customers or to make a second purchase to encourage or ensure that they continue to use your service.

In this case, you are addressing people who have already bought something from your company and are therefore probably interested in receiving further news.

This audience prefers to receive notifications about new products or additional information and suggestions on how best to use the company’s products and services. Special offers, which only receive newsletter recipients, are welcome and undoubtedly contribute to customer loyalty.

Company newsletters direct users to your website

The company newsletter is just like social media or a blog a useful tool to attract users to your website ( and thus increase the number of visitors ) and encourage them to buy a product or service.

If you publish new content on your website, you can spread this message via your newsletter. The advantage is that you reach an audience that is already potentially interested in your content: all you have to do is arouse interest with pictures or a video.

What a company newsletter should contain

We gave you three good reasons to send out a company newsletter, and the type of audience you could target with different goals. So let’s summarize the different contents that are suitable for a good newsletter.

  • Stories: Arouse emotions in your audience by telling them about the possibilities of your products and the values ​​of your company, your idea of ​​the world. You should also present testimonials for this. No matter whether a video, an image, or a text – you choose the format.
  • Special offers: Give the user a good reason to keep subscribing to your newsletter. What better way to get special offers than just being a member of the mailing list?
  • Suggestions: Ideas on how to best use your products and services are always welcome, especially if you communicate them shortly and appealingly.
  • And don’t forget links that lead the recipients to your website!

Finally, an important tip: When you create your company newsletter, you should always adhere to the provisions regarding marketing and data protection think, especially about the GDPR (the new data protection regulation), which has been in force in the European Union since May 2018.

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